Further Polishing and Boosting the Female Spirit!
~Quarterly Publication~
Belly Dance JAPAN

Recent years have witnessed soaring popularity for the art of belly dancing in Japan. More and more women are taking lessons on how to perform this genre of dance, with belly dance shows of various formats and scale being staged in all corners of the nation. The esteem for belly dancing, however, is certainly not a phenomenon limited to Japan itself. The belly dance boom first surfaced in the United States, and has subsequently spread to South Korea, China and numerous other countries around the world.

Hajimete-no-BellydanceIkaros Publications published Belly Dancing for Beginners in 2006, Japan’s very first comprehensive introduction and guide to belly dancing. This one-time issue created a major stir, and we were deluged with a flood of reactions and comments. Readers told us how they had been waiting for such a magazine for a long time, that the publication opened their eyes to the art of belly dancing for the first time, how they hoped for a follow-up issue and other precious feedback.

BellydanceJapanDeeply moved by the avid interest and desire expressed by such women, we set our sights on conveying the charisma of the world of belly dancing in even stronger and more effective fashion, thereby acting to support the longing to truly enjoy, in more enlightened fashion, the “learning,” “performing” and “watching” of belly dancing. Rooted in this conviction, the decision was made to launch a new quarterly publication.

Bellydance Japan is a magazine published in the spring, summer, autumn and winter of each year. The contents consist of introductions of the hottest belly dancing information in Japan and abroad, while likewise covering the latest developments in the field from various different angles. For example, we plan to profile the most popular dancers in this genre, report on the captivating clothing and accessories that they wear, introduce dancing techniques that many readers will yearn to master, explain the fascinating Arabian music that lures so many people into the world of belly dancing and furnish other unique stories and commentary.

Our ambition is to launch and creatively evolve a magazine genre hand in hand with those who share a love and devotion to belly dancing, while doing everything in our power to support that progress and popularization of the practice of this school of dancing in Japan. As we bring this publication into print, we ask for your invaluable understanding and assistance in the quest ahead.

Publiction Overview

Format, number of pages
  • Nonstandard A4-size, approx. 115 pages
  • unsewn binding
  • pages turn to the right side
Publication schedule publication cycle to adopt release around the end of February, May, August and November each year.
Circulation 60,000 copies
Tentative price 1,260 yen (tax included)
Sales channels Bookstores nationwide through major distributors, Amazon.com, Rakuten and other online bookstores, Ikaros direct and website sales, stocking in certain belly dancing specialty establishments.
Target readers
  • Persons interested in learning how to belly dance.
  • Persons wishing to see belly dancing.
  • Persons who currently enjoy belly dancing.
  • Persons wanting to learn more about belly dancing.
  • Persons wishing to improve their health and beauty through the discipline of belly dancing.
  • Persons interested in other aspects of the fascinating world of belly dancing.


<Special Features>

Each issue will features Attractive and hot features.

<Major Series Features>

Event Reports

Coverage of studio performances, shows and other gala belly dancing events.

Belly Dancer Interviews

The interviews of popular dancers from overseas and domestic.

Hints for Techniques and Lessons

Each issue will furnish valuable lessons and hints guaranteed to enhance belly dancing know-how and techniques.

Putting Props to Effective Use

Proper uses of veils, zills, asayas and other key belly dancing props and accessories will be profiled in layman’s terms, with each issue offering a separate theme.

New Arrival Fashions and Recommended Dress Information

Reports on the newest dresses in stock at belly dancing boutiques, along with particularly recommended costumes and accessories.

Guides to Belly Dancing Venues

Information on restaurants and salons where belly dancers can be seen up close, while enjoying fine dining and other pleasures.

Belly Dancing Music to Listen and Dance to

Introductions to belly dancing music and songs, accentuated with enlightening commentary.

The Men of Belly Dancing

Profiles of the men who also excel on the frontlines of belly dancing.

Get out on the Floor! Our Nationwide Belly Dance School Guide

Leave your belly dancing school hunting to us! This feature will present a handy guide to schools that teach belly dancing around Japan.

Recommended CD, DVD, Books, Movies and Websites

The magazine will also showcase a rich range of other information sources on belly dancing. Note: We reserve the right to change the editorial content as deemed necessary.